Recipe: Matsutake sashimi

Home Cooking Recipe: Matsutake sashimi


Tricholoma matsutake, the scientific name of Tricholoma matsutake, alias pine mites, bacteriophages, and Taiwan bacteria, is the world's rare and precious natural medicinal bacteria, China's second-class key protected wild species. Tricholoma matsutake contains 18 kinds of amino acids, 14 kinds of essential trace elements, 49 kinds of active nutrients, 5 kinds of unsaturated fatty acids, 8 kinds of vitamins, 2 kinds of glycoproteins, rich dietary fiber and various active enzymes, and also contains 3 kinds of precious The active substances, which are double-stranded pine mushroom polysaccharide, pine mushroom polypeptide and the world's only anti-cancer substance, Tricholoma matsutake, are the most precious natural medicinal fungi in the world. Matsutake is not only balanced in nutrition, but also has many functions such as improving immunity, anti-cancer and anti-tumor, treating diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, anti-aging and beauty, and promoting liver and liver protection.



  1. Washing pine mushrooms, cutting slices

  2. Make a dip according to your taste

  3. Began to eat!


I am afraid there is no simpler way than this dish! This is my favorite way to eat, sweet and delicious. However, this kind of practice is to pick a relatively tender mushroom, and pick it up. After the pine mushrooms are washed, put them in the refrigerator for a while and the taste will be better. The way to do this is to put an ice pack in the tray, put a layer of plastic wrap, and put the sliced ​​pine mushrooms, just like sashimi. You don't need to pay attention to it when you eat at home. It's fun!

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