Recipe: Matcha strawberry layer cake (crepe) mille crepe cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha strawberry layer cake (crepe) mille crepe cake


Matcha I want, strawberry is what I want, both can have both, praise also! If you like matcha red beans, you can also see another recipe for me Emma, ​​it’s so good to feed my own bag of salt~ Tips: The real crepe is very thin, so the amount of milk in this recipe is relatively large, and the batter that is transferred out is relatively thin, and the bottom of the pot can be spread by shaking gently.



  1. Take the cooking pot and mix the low-gluten flour, matcha powder and fine sugar A and salt through the sieve to form a groove in the middle. Add the beaten egg and stir it a little, then add 200g of milk several times.

  2. Melt the butter into a liquid, add it to the first step and cool it evenly.

  3. Add the remaining 200 g of milk and continue to stir until smooth and free of granules.

  4. The pan is kept oil-free and water-free. It is heated to medium and small heat until the batter will make a sound (not too hot). Pour 30ml batter with a spoon. Turn the pan quickly to spread the batter evenly. When the surface of the batter begins to have small dots that bulge, the batter is cooked. At this time, the fire is weakened, and the pan is rotated to adjust the position to make the heat uniform. When the edge of the crust is baked, use a spatula to pick up the dough. Hold the crust in your hand and pull it up and turn it over. It takes about 5 seconds to get out of the pan and put it on the cake stand or bamboo sieve to cool it. Place the pan on a damp cloth to cool down and then spread a piece of cake.

  5. Make strawberry cream filling. Light cream and fine sugar B are sent to eight points (that is, the cream will adhere to the blender and will not fall easily. The cream will be soft when the stirrer is lifted, and the angle will collapse after a period of time). Wash the strawberries and cut into thin slices. Whether the strawberry and the cream are stirred depends on myself. I like a layer of creamy strawberry so there is no stirring.

  6. Take a flat bottom plate larger than the crust, pick the ugliest crust, place it on the bottom, apply cream on the middle, don't be too thick, and then spread the strawberry slices evenly at intervals (try to be neat or cut out) Very ugly), put a piece of ice on the top and bottom, and press it slightly with your hand to make the cake and cream fit. It is best to leave some space on the edge of the cake without applying cream. Otherwise, it will be very troublesome if it leaks out.

  7. Layer after layer, layer by layer, until all the crusts are used up. Strawberries and creams can be transformed into another tall dessert if there is one left. See the tips for links.

  8. Then wrap the cake in a plastic wrap and refrigerate for 3 hours. Finally decorate, spread tea powder or put on strawberries, how to like it.


The remaining cream and strawberries can be made on the tall snowy red treasure @奶油樱桃hiahiahia Is this the legendary friendship link?

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