Recipe: Matcha strawberry and fruit

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha strawberry and fruit


Zephyr dessert の matcha strawberry and fruit Starting today, I am going to develop some desserts for the zephyr series. The first one is this matcha strawberry and fruit - matcha glutinous rice husk is very Q, red bean fragrant, wrapped strawberry sour and sweet - oh Isis!



  1. Pour milk, sugar, and salad oil into the pot and mix well. Then sift the glutinous rice flour, stick the rice flour, make the powder and match the tea sauce into a thin batter.

  2. Adjust the batter for half an hour and steam for 20 minutes on a large fire. Stir well with chopsticks and let it cool.

  3. The cold and fruit skin is divided into 50g one, and the red bean paste is divided into 30g one.

  4. First, wrap the washed strawberries in the red bean paste and round them into a stuffing.

  5. Take some anti-stick on the hand, then put the skin on the palm of your hand, put the stuffing ball, and wrap the stuffing ball in the skin to round it.


1. No matcha sauce can be replaced with 10g matcha powder. 2. If the red bean paste is very sticky, you can wrap it in plastic wrap.

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