Recipe: Matcha Pumpkin Seed Cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha Pumpkin Seed Cookies


Too many cranberries can be used in the recipe. This is not a homemade match. It is not found here, so I will use it alone. In fact, the biscuits here can be used. I think the most important thing is The baking time I used is the Emperor 32L, the model does not remember, there is a recipe for the touch screen. The baking time: 170 degrees above and below, 20 minutes in the middle layer, pay attention to the color during the period, and cover the tin foil after about 11 minutes. In order to ensure the same color on both sides, you can also turn it out after 20 minutes, and then bake for five minutes. I found that most people around me still like the crisp taste of the middle powder.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: The butter softens at room temperature (I was once even with the powdered sugar) and started mixing. I used the egg beater to make it smooth.

    The butter softens at room temperature (I was once even with the powdered sugar) and started mixing. I used the egg beater to make it smooth.

  2. Add the eggs that have been broken up in batches, add one egg beater and stir once. I will join in three times.

  3. Sifting into the low powder (I was all in one). The strength began. Use the spatula to mix and mix. The acid is right. Until the flour is not visible (no particles). In fact, it will not be like a taro dough, it is still soft, and the scraper can easily scrape the edge of the pot.

  4. Pour in the slightly chopped pumpkin seeds and mix well.

  5. Divided into two (I didn't call it, visually), put it out and shape it in a biscuit mold (I recommend buying it) one third of the height of the biscuit mold.

  6. Another group in the basin, add 3g matcha powder, (somewhat strenuous) mix well. Divide into two parts, take out the original part of the mold, take the 1st place of the matcha into the mold (the height is still one-third), take it out and fold it together with the original taste, put it back into the mold. Take a look at it and take it out again. Matcha No. 2 was put into the mold to shape (a third of the height) and then attached to the other side of the original taste. [This time, it is easy to find two molds.]

  7. Freezing (the layer that puts the eggs) for more than an hour, two hours more assured

  8. The oven is preheated to 170 degrees. I used it once for the baking tray of the Emperor, and it was also quick to focus on the biscuits. So this time I took the plate of the cake roll and spread the paper, and then it was no problem to put it in the baking dish of the Emperor. Cut the biscuits into pieces, pay attention to the interval, I think the distance between the fingers and the biscuits is just right.

  9. After ten minutes of baking, pay more attention to the color. I am going to cover the tin foil in eleven minutes. If you want to crispy, turn over and bake for five minutes. My baking tray is small, only about 12 pieces can be baked at a time (sorrow...), so take it out and let it cool outside. Bake the plate and cool it with cold water to bake the next plate.


I baked three biscuits, I think the recipe is almost the same, the practice is simple, mainly pay attention to the temperature time when baking, you have to go to your own oven to run hahaha...

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