Recipe: Matcha Hurricane Cake Roll

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha Hurricane Cake Roll


The small method of preventing the matcha particles can also make the cake piece softer and roll up~[[The following materials can make a square cake piece with a side length of 28cm]]



  1. The baking tray is laid with oil paper for use; the egg yolk and protein of the three eggs are separated and placed in two clean, oil-free, water-free mixing bowls;

  2. Make Matcha solution: 6g Matcha powder is sifted, mixed with 25g of boiling water, stir well with chopsticks or mini egg until the matcha powder is completely dissolved, without granules and agglomeration, let cool

  3. Add 20g of fine granulated sugar to the egg yolk, stir evenly with the egg until the fine sugar is completely melted. Do not send it.

  4. Add 30ml salad oil, stir until completely uniform, continue to add 40ml water and make a good matcha solution, stir until completely uniform

  5. Sift 60g of low-gluten flour and carefully stir it in an irregular direction with egg to a smooth, grain-free state.

  6. The protein is sprayed at a high speed with an electric egg beater. Add half of 40g of fine granulated sugar B when the egg beats through the smooth mousse that leaves marks. After the mixture is completely dissolved, add the remaining fine sugar B and continue to pass the high speed. Until you bring up the defatt that comes from the eggbeater, you can form a large hook.

  7. Take a third of the protein cream into the batter, use a spatula to rub the bottom and mix evenly, add the remaining protein cream, quickly and gently mix and mix, then pour the batter from the height of about 20cm into the baking sheet of the oiled paper, using the scraper Carefully push the batter to every corner of the baking tray and roughly smooth the surface, shake it on the table, and then tap the bottom of the baking tray with a hand to shake the bubbles.

  8. It is baked in the middle layer of the preheated 190 degree oven for 12 minutes. After it is taken out, it is quickly moved to the drying net and the four sides of the oil paper are removed.

  9. Wait for the cake to cool when making the stuffing: 150g whipped cream and 5g fine sugar with electric egg beater to send very high speed, that is, stiff, completely non-flowing state; add 100g honey red bean or red bean paste, mix with a spatula

  10. Spread the filling evenly on the cake piece that has been trimmed, roll it up with a rolling pin, and send it to the refrigerator for more than 1 hour to remove the cut piece.


Please try to make a good matcha powder.

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