Recipe: Matcha Cranberry Cookies

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha Cranberry Cookies


I like cookies very much, but I feel very sinful, because the butter is too much, because I eat it, I lose weight, not very sweet, but the taste is very good, my favorite friends can try it~~~



  1. Butter at room temperature

  2. Adding sugar to the fluffy state with an electric egg beater, the so-called 'feather-like'

  3. Add eggs twice to whipped until fully mixed

  4. Sift through the matcha powder and low-gluten flour slowly and mix well.

  5. To a small parts, rounding hand, compressed, the code in the oven, not sticky trap placed on the pan remember

  6. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and bake for 10 minutes.


1. Don't put too much matcha powder, the sugar will be put less, the matcha powder will be put more, and the taste will not be good. 2. I originally wanted to squeeze it with a flower bag, but suddenly I found that adding cranberry would block it, my god~~~ So I made it round, but the shape really doesn’t matter, it’s all in anyway. The belly, and the hand is smashed into a ball and flattened, which is convenient and quick. . . 3. You can change the matcha powder into chocolate powder, 10g, add some chocolate beans, make chocolate cookies, it is also very delicious; or make sesame cookies (20g), as you like ~~

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