Recipe: Matcha Caska sauce cupcake

Home Cooking Recipe: Matcha Caska sauce cupcake


Starting from the first matcha cream, the matcha controllers are crazy and add a small cake of matcha Caska sauce. It is absolutely delicious to cry. If it is not enough, the cake can also be made into a matcha sponge, but I think it's so good, neither the tea taste is too strong, the cut can also highlight the matcha Caska sauce, and the matcha control waits.



  1. First make Matcha Caska sauce 70g sugar and matcha powder mix well, add three egg yolks and mix well, sieve into 25g low powder and mix well. Heat the milk to a small amount of foam and then rush into the egg yolk paste. Stir and stir. After all the washing, pour it back into the milk pan. Heat it to a thick heat and stir while heating. After the cold water of the Kasida sauce is finished, it is poured into a container and frozen for use.

  2. The cake body is made into two proteins and added to the wet foaming three times. The egg yolk is added with sugar to make it white and thick. Take 1/3 protein to the egg yolk paste and mix well, then add half (30 grams) of low powder and mix well with a spatula.

  3. After mixing the other half of the protein, sieve the remaining 30 low powders and mix well.

  4. Heat the butter and milk mixture in advance. After cooling, take a large spoonful of egg paste and mix well. Pour it into a batter and mix gently. The cake batter is finished.

  5. Take a spoonful of batter in a paper cup, preheat the oven 180 degrees, first bake for 3-5 minutes to the crust, put the frozen small piece of Matcha Caska sauce, cover the remaining batter, and send it to the oven to continue Bake for 15-20 minutes, remove and let cool after baking.

  6. Finally, make a matcha cream, boiled water, add sugar and matcha powder, mix well, add to the whipped cream and send it to the extent that you can smash the flowers. Use the rose mouth to pull out the rose, and put the red bean decoration in the middle.


I have frozen the Kasida sauce in an insurance lunch box with a plastic wrap. Before putting it into the cake, take it out and warm it up. It is convenient to cut a small piece with a spoon. It is recommended to see the complete practice and do it again!

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