Recipe: Mash sauce

Home Cooking Recipe: Mash sauce


I saw that the oily wheat in the market was so fresh that I couldn’t help but buy a few homes. I tried a less common sesame sauce. I didn’t expect everyone to say that it was delicious!



  1. Wash the oil wheat vegetables, soak them in light salt water for 15 minutes, remove the drained water, and cut into the inch segments;

  2. Sesame sauce and vinegar with vinegar, add salt and sugar, add honey and mix well, and put it in the refrigerator for half an hour;

  3. Pour the peanut kernels slightly and sprinkle them on the oily wheat vegetables, pour in the sesame sauce and mix and eat...


After the sesame paste is added to the vinegar, it will become simmered. After being refrigerated in the refrigerator for half an hour, it will resume its strength. Adding honey can make the sesame sauce thicker and easier to hang the ingredients. If you do not use peanuts, you can use cooked sesame, but the peanuts are more fragrant...

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