Recipe: Marinated duck claw

Home Cooking Recipe: Marinated duck claw



  1. Take the pot of boiling water to treat the duck-winged duck wings and cut the size according to your preference. The water is poured into the duck's paw and the duck's fin is in the discharge wine (about 5 minutes), and the cold and dry water is taken out...

  2. Wash the pot, heat it into the oil (the oil temperature in the pot should not be too high, it is best that the oil just starts the fumes) and put into the star anise, fragrant leaves, fennel, cinnamon, dried tangerine peel, pepper, pepper and slowly scented (flame The spices are easy to burn, and the color of the spices can be smelled more than before.) When you add rock sugar (not white sugar), you can add salt, soy sauce, soy sauce and 250ml beer.

  3. Open the fire and turn it into medium heat and cook for half an hour. (It should be easily flipped and easily colored)

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