Recipe: Marinated chicken wings

Home Cooking Recipe: Marinated chicken wings


Since the marinade, the life of the stew has become simple and loved. Now, a friend will come up with this safe and secure "housekeeping skills"! ~



  1. Wash the chicken wings, now simmer in the hot water, remove the water foam, and remove the chicken wings.

  2. Re-introducing grape seed oil (any oil for cooking) in the pot, add appropriate amount of sugar, and while stirring, wait for the sugar to melt. After boiling, the chicken wings are placed in a pan and colored with caramel.

  3. After the chicken wings are slightly scrambled in the pot, add the appropriate amount of marinade, and then add water until the chicken wings are covered.

  4. The fire will boil the water, turn to medium heat and cook. After about 20 minutes of stewing, open the lid and turn to the fire to collect the juice. How much you receive depends on your taste!

  5. Caramel coloring this step, depending on your own situation, you can have or not, but I usually put a little bit of sugar, one is to color, and the second is the sweet taste after the pan!


Caramel coloring this step to see everyone's preferences, may or may not, the marinade itself can also be colored, chicken wings will turn brown. When I did this, I added this step, one for coloring, and the other for sweetness, which is delicious!

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