Recipe: Mapo tofu [meat]

Home Cooking Recipe: Mapo tofu [meat]



  1. 焯 tofu. Make water + half a spoonful of salt, and turn the tofu after the water is opened. Turn off the fire after the water is turned back on. Pour out the hot water, stir the tofu with cold water, and remove the bean flavor.

  2. Hot pot cold oil, medium and small fire into the watercress (one tablespoon), stir fry red oil. (Please turn the watercress on the bottom of the pot, otherwise it will be a paste)

  3. In the middle of the fire, the beef is stuffed (a little bit is enough, I almost throw it into the pot with a handful of meat (¬_¬)), and fry the meat. No or want to be vegetarian can not be.

  4. Under the tofu, mix well. Lightly turn over, South tofu is super fragile.

  5. Add cold water, no tofu.

  6. After the fire is boiled, gently add the tofu with the addition of water starch. When the soup is concentrated, turn off the heat and put it into the bowl.

  7. Pan, small fire, boil the pepper, smash it with a rolling pin and sprinkle it on the tofu.

  8. Finally, chop the garlic and sprinkle it on the tofu and finish.


This dish is not difficult, and the focus is on ingredients. 1 South Tofu: The tofu restaurant uses South tofu when it is fried. The slippery and tenderness of the South Tofu is fully reflected in this dish. However, it should be noted that the South Tofu is fragile and troublesome. 2 pepper and watercress The key to the success of this dish. Prickly ash, it is best to use Dahongpao, which is produced locally in Sichuan. Anyway, it must be ensured that there is full sesame after roasting and crushing, otherwise it is called Mapo Tofu O (OvO) I Douban, there are now selling inferior watercress on the market, all of which are soy-flavored er. I can't eat it with this watercress. The one in the supermarket can also be used for the sake of sake. Of course, if you have Sichuanese homemade Naturally better~ 3 green garlic Green garlic is the crowning touch of this dish, which can blend the taste of the whole dish and enhance one level. (Too wonderful ~ W (`0`) W) But if you don't have it, you don't have to add it. Who cares about rice, so pay attention to it?

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