Recipe: Manual Q-Bomb Soda Noodle - Labor-saving & No Machine

Home Cooking Recipe: Manual Q-Bomb Soda Noodle - Labor-saving & No Machine


I have a lot of fun to make my own noodles. I admit, the reason must also include the outside noodles may add borax for the gluten, if you do it yourself, you are more assured. Q bomb strength 噢 这个 ~ this component can do two bowls of noodles, two people eat no problem



  1. Mix all of the above and knead it into a very hard dough. Because the water is less, the dough is harder, not very good, so as long as it can be completed into a whole group, cover the plastic wrap, take a rest~

  2. When you think about it, huh, let’s continue, this time the dough will become softer than before.

  3. If you feel tired, just take it again and continue to rest.

  4. Think again, and then take a few more. Hehehe, with you

  5. When you get a smooth surface on the dough, it's almost fine.

  6. Use a rolling pin to roll the dough into thin slices. Try to be as thin as possible, about 2 mm thick, then you can cut it.

  7. There are 2 ways to cut: 1. Fold the dough, so that the cut is faster and the noodles will be slightly curled. 2. Use the rolling pin as a ruler, a knife and a knife, slower, but the noodles are straighter. With you~

  8. Boil boiled water, cook noodles~ noodles, noodle soup, cold noodles are suitable

  9. By the way, my onion oil salad noodles: cucumber shredded, egg stalled shredded, carrot shredded, shallots minced; noodles cooked, too cold boiled and picked up in the bowl; carrots boiled, over the surface Put cucumber silk and eggs; pour in soy sauce, a little bit of chili sauce; scallions topped; hot oil in the pot, pour ~ 呲 la la ~ mix well before eating ~


Generally, the dough is good in the morning. After half an hour, take a break for three or five minutes. In the afternoon, think about it for another three or five minutes. When you eat at night, you can cut the noodles. However, the diligent words and pressures can produce more gluten to make the face more q-bomb, and the strength is all depends on your hand.

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