Recipe: Mangosteen sugar cane honey sweet water

Home Cooking Recipe: Mangosteen sugar cane honey sweet water


This Luo Han Guo sugar cane honey sweet water is suitable for working overtime at night, easy to get angry and detoxification ability. Sitting in the office, breathing less than the outdoor fresh air affects the lung function. Outdoor activities, a large amount of exercise, and easy to lose water in the body.



  1. Prepare the required raw materials, wash the mangosteen with a knife and gently tap the flesh to cut the flesh.

  2. Sugar cane is cut into small pieces for use

  3. Add 2L of water to the pot and put it into the sugar cane to boil.

  4. Add lotus seeds

  5. Add candied dates

  6. Put in half a mangosteen, boil over low heat and cover with a small fire for about 20-30 minutes. The cooked sweet water is cooled to room temperature, and you can drink it with the right amount of honey according to your preference.


Candied dates, sugar cane and mangosteen have their own sweet taste, but the taste of adding honey is better and unique. The main raw materials used in Luo Han Guo sugar cane honey sweet water: ——Sugar cane: sweet and cool, with the effects of clearing away heat and detoxifying, nourishing thirst, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, can relieve lung heat and gastrointestinal heat. ——Honey: Natural food, edible honey can quickly replenish physical strength, eliminate fatigue and enhance resistance to disease; regular consumption of honey not only does not interfere with teeth, but also plays a role in sterilization in the oral cavity; honey can also moisturize Intestines are laxative. - Luo Han Guo: Sexually cool, sweet. Clearing away heat and lungs, relieving cough, pharynx, and bowel laxative. For lung fire cough, sore throat, constipation. Share the reference method for distinguishing between true honey and fake honey: (just the method of distinguishing between true honey and fake honey, it is not applicable to the method of distinguishing between honey and concentrated honey.) 1. Look at the color: the color of true honey varies according to the color of the flower, from water white to dark amber, carefully observe that the honey contains fine particles (the honey contains a small amount of pollen), the fake honey is basically the same for all colors, and It looks transparent and without impurities. The color is true and false, and it is difficult for non-professionals to grasp. The above is for reference only. 2. Look at the thickness: Pure honey is a thick, viscous gelatinous liquid that is bright and moist. 3. Use the head of the chopsticks to touch the surface of the honey and feel good elasticity. When the honey is picked up, the honey juice and the liquid surface on the head of the chopsticks form a thin, long and very strong thread, which is quickly shrunk into beads after breaking the wire. It shows that honey has a high viscosity and a high concentration, which is true honey. 4. The taste is positive. Take a little honey and taste it on the tongue. It can be sweet and pure aroma.

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