Recipe: Mango sago

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango sago


Super love this bowl of mango sago, do it yourself, it is more delicious than the one sold in the store. The key is to keep the nutrition clean! Simi is actually very good to cook, although I have not cooked a few times, but, the second success! After sago is placed in a boiling water pot, turn to a small fire and cook slowly for about 30 minutes. Don't forget to stir it a few times to prevent sticking the pot. Remember to put more water in the pot, because the water will absorb after cooking. And evaporated! Cooking the sugar together with the sago will make the cooked sago absorb the sugary taste and become sweet. When sago is cooked and there is still a little bit of white heart, you can turn off the fire and turn it on. After it becomes transparent, it can be drained in cold water. There are no juicers or troublesome children's shoes at home. You can use coconut milk or direct milk honey and sago to put more mangoes. The same is true. The material is not necessarily fixed. The key is to make yourself happy.



  1. Put the water in the pot and boil it. Put the sago and rock sugar into a small fire and cook it patiently for about 30 minutes. (It needs to be stirred several times during the period to prevent the pan from sticking.) When cooking, there is still a little white spot.

  2. The mango is cut into the flesh, and the milk is put into the juicer to squeeze the milk into the mango juice.

  3. The cooked sago is drained and drained, mixed with milk mango juice, transferred to a little honey, and placed in the refrigerator.

  4. Take out the refrigerated sago dew and put in the sliced ​​mango

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