Recipe: Mango Melaleuca Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango Melaleuca Cake


A popular dessert recently, it's simple and super delicious.



  1. Beat the eggs, add the powdered sugar and mix well (don't send it)

  2. Add milk and mix well, sift into low flour and mix well into a batter

  3. The butter dissolves into a liquid state in water, and is poured into the batter and mixed well. The paste is sieved and placed in the refrigerator for half an hour.

  4. Apply a thin layer of oil to the pan, heat, simmer a spoonful of batter (about 70 ml), and do not turn over.

  5. Fry the batter in turn. About 12 pieces are fried. Let cool

  6. Take a clean, oil-free container, add cold whipped cream and sugar, and send

  7. Washing mangoes, taking meat

  8. Put the unfried side up on the flower stand (no flower table), spread the cream, make two layers at a time, spread the cream from the third layer to the sixth floor, and then spread Some mango meat, then put on the cream, then spread the next piece of cake

  9. When making the last layer, first wrap the pancakes around the cake (can be wrapped in whole, fried bread can also be), then spread the cream, cover the last piece of the meal


1. The taste of this class is soft and tender. The lack of egg taste is not enough. Which one is the one who kisses the egg and tells me? 2. Light cream needs to be fully sent, so choose a good cream. Anjia and the blue windmill are good. Please fully refrigerate for more than 12 hours before sending.

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