Recipe: Mango Melaleuca Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango Melaleuca Cake



  1. Mix 3 eggs in a container and add 50 grams of sugar to mix evenly.

  2. Then add 500 grams of milk

  3. The butter melts in water and is added to the egg yolk and mix well!

  4. The low-gluten flour is sieved into the milk slurry and mixed well until there is no granules. (After mixing evenly, it must be sieved several times, so that the fried skin feels better.) Cover the plastic wrap and put it in the refrigerator.

  5. Next, prepare the mango and cut the mango for use. You can put more mangoes when you eat yourself.

  6. Cream is good for spare

  7. Prepare to fry a layer of skin to keep a small fire, add a spoonful of milk in the pan to spread the flat, as thin as possible.

  8. After frying, pick up from the edge and let the buckle cool down! Be sure to spread one by one, if you don't stick it.

  9. Take a piece of skin, apply a good cream, then put the mango granules, then lay a layer of skin, and repeat the operation several times.

  10. Do a good job of putting the refrigerator on the ice for more than an hour.

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