Recipe: Mango

Home Cooking Recipe: Mango



  1. Put the eggs and 20 grams together, and mix well~

  2. Stir well and add 80g of low-gluten flour, stir it. (This step is very important. If you don't mix it well, you will find a lot of holes directly when you fry the mink! So you will stir it even when you lift it. It feels ok)

  3. The above steps are completed and the next step is to pour 40 grams of pure milk and mix well. Remember to mix well. Don't make bubbles like egg, otherwise there will be a small hole in the frying pan.

  4. Good last step, smash into 160 grams of water, the same method as above, just mix well, don't bubble

  5. The pulp is well filtered! filter! Then you can put the pigment on the pigment. Prepare a measuring cup. Yes, I am doing 8 skins! Do more than double.

  6. Prepare a pan in the frying pan and pour the pour into the measuring cup once 50ml. note! The fire must be small, and it has always been a small fire. Don't fire because of urgency! ! ! Pour the syrup into the pan and shake it.

  7. The class 戟 皮 wait until the bubble is up, turn off the fire, then wait for the cool and pick up the skin

  8. Separately cool, don't cool for a long time, cool down, or you can go to eat mud! It’s not so cool, it’s easy to be a Siamese brother, but you can also separate them, so you don’t have to be afraid of tearing.

  9. Next, prepare the stuffing in the class, prepare the whipped cream, and send the skin, mango, and cream to 90%. 500 grams of cream can be done almost eight, this does not stipulate that you do not like to eat cream. Beat the cream to the hardness

  10. Let's put a cream, a mango in the middle, and a cream on the surface. Put a bag of sampan. Both sides do the same as above, carefully tearing off the extra hard edges. Wrap it up and finish!

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