Recipe: [Man food slow language] oyster sauce scallops

Home Cooking Recipe: [Man food slow language] oyster sauce scallops


The meat of the scallops is soft, the sweetness and the umami are pure, and there is not much odor, so it can be coordinated with various seasonings. This dish is used for seasoning of cardamom, garlic, and pepper. It is relatively heavy in taste. Compared with scallops, it can bring out the sweetness of scallops. However, there is an exception. It is not suitable for cooking scallops. Cooking wine is too overbearing for the delicate taste of scallops, it will cover up the scallops, but it will highlight the smell. By the same token, if you can't buy fresh scallops and replace them with frozen ones, you can use the same seasoning. These ingredients are very effective in removing the scallops and giving the frozen scallops a fresh taste. In fact, I often freeze the fresh scallops that can't be eaten for a while. It should be noted that the scallops are very tender and easy to be dehydrated and dehydrated in the freezer, which is called the freezer burn. Before freezing, the scallops are wrapped tightly with baking paper and placed in a sealed storage bag to effectively prevent frostbite in the shellfish. When thawing, remove the scallops into the refrigerator's freezer and thaw them overnight to maximize the taste of fresh scallops.



  1. Clean the scallops and leave the shellfish and shells separate. Fans soak in hot water for about 15 minutes until completely soaked

  2. Peel the garlic into garlic, chopped shallots into chopped green onion, chopped dried beans and chopped

  3. Heat 2-3 tablespoons of oil in a small pot, stir fry the garlic slightly, turn off the heat immediately when the part turns yellow, and let the garlic continue to mature with the residual heat.

  4. Transfer the fried garlic to a bowl, pour in dried cardamom and chopped green onion, and keep a little chopped green onion at this time.

  5. Add chopped pepper, sugar and a little salt to the garlic and soymeal. Mix well.

  6. Arrange the scallop shells in the steaming grid, drain the soft fans and distribute them in each shell, then place the shellfish on the fans.

  7. Pour a small scoop of garlic and soy sauce on each scallop.

  8. After the fire is steamed for 5 minutes, turn off the heat and steam for one minute.

  9. When the scallops are steamed, take a small pot and pour in two tablespoons of oil to heat up the white smoke.

  10. Sprinkle a little chopped green on each scallop and pour a spoonful of hot oil


1. When frying garlic, prevent the stick from sticking. You should first heat the pot and then heat the garlic. If you use a knife to remove the garlic, you can wash off the mucus with water before the pot. 2. Garlic is easy to fry, be sure to pay attention to the heat, remember that there will be residual heat after the fire is turned off. Garlic is not completely fried, and the taste of half-boiled is more abundant. 3. Pepper can also be chopped with fresh peppers instead 4. The cardamom and the oyster sauce in the seasoning are salty, and the salt should be cautious. 5. The scallops are the most dishonest, the meat will become hard and hard to swallow, and the steaming time must not be too long.

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