Recipe: Malacca Coconut Milk Tea

Home Cooking Recipe: Malacca Coconut Milk Tea


The people who go to the devil are in the signboards that the tea has been drinking. It is necessary to cool in the summer, and you can do it yourself. Super simple and fast.



  1. The coconut syrup is sieved into the cup (the coconut syrup contains the residue of some extracts, which is normal, if you mind, filter it)

  2. Pour black and white milk (depending on personal taste, I like tea more than milk)

  3. Pour the top of the Ceylon black tea (when you drink it), add ice.


Malacca coconut milk tea, unlike other milk teas, is sweet but has no real sugar in it! Coconut sugar is a very healthy natural sugar substitute, extracted from coconut blossoms, and sweet and not afraid of fat. Stir well before drinking, rich black tea with light milk, and fresh coconut sugar sweet, definitely can be called a healthy summer special drink!

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