Recipe: Mai Ren Pumpkin Barley Porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Mai Ren Pumpkin Barley Porridge


Unintentionally, in exchange for a new understanding of Mai Ren, the taste is chewy and then matched with the soft squash of the pumpkin and the collision of the three good ingredients of the glutinous rice. Don't miss the beauty.



  1. Rinse the wheat kernels and coix seed, soak for one night in advance, cut the Japanese pumpkin and cut into small pieces, and clean the fresh lily.

  2. Put all the ingredients together into the rice cooker, add 1500 grams of water, adjust to the porridge file, everything is OK, waiting to be released.

  3. If you like a little sweet, you can add the right amount of rock sugar 10 minutes before the oven to adjust the taste.


1. Coix seed and wheat kernel should be soaked for a long time, otherwise it will be easy to cook.

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