Recipe: Magical bayberry wine

Home Cooking Recipe: Magical bayberry wine


Brewing a can to prevent summer heatstroke



  1. Soak the bayberry in salt water for 15 minutes, then wash it with water.

  2. Weigh 100 grams of rock sugar for use

  3. White wine made from pure flavored grain of about 45°

  4. Place the washed red bayberry on the drying rack and dry it naturally.

  5. Put the dried arbutus in the glass container

  6. According to the order of a layer of bayberry, one layer of rock sugar

  7. Pour the white wine into the glass container with the red bayberry and rock sugar. The white wine should not have yang plum 1-2 cm.

  8. Then tighten the lid and place it in a cool, ventilated place.

  9. Shake the bottle every three days and drink it for 15-25 days.

  10. You can chill before drinking, and the taste will be better when you drink.


Points to note during the production process: 1. Yangmei, white wine and rock sugar have no fixed ratio (beginners can be made according to the ratio of 4:5:1), but the liquor must have not been Yangmei 1-2 cm, so that Yangmei will not deteriorate. If you like a sweeter taste, add some rock sugar to the wine. 2. The head is large, the color is dark red, and the hand feels dry, which is the ripe and good sweet bayberry; if you like the sour and some taste of the bayberry wine, you should choose fresh Red bayberry, because the bright red bayberry is not ripe, the taste is still sour. 3. It is best to use white wine brewed with pure flavor of about 45°. It is also possible to use white wine with a lower degree, but it is better to be higher than 35°. 4. The container should use a wide-mouth glassware that can be sealed, which facilitates the pick and place of the bayberry. And the material of the glass does not affect the taste of the wine, but also Through the glass, you can see the bright and moving wine color of the day; the container should be poured into some high-alcohol wine before use to disinfect. 5. The finished bayberry wine should be placed in a cool and ventilated place. For small utensils, shake the bottle every three days to make the taste evener. 6. Yangmei Liquor Some people like to eat bayberry in wine, and some people like to drink alcohol. Like to eat bayberry, you only need to brew for 7 days to eat; you like to drink bayberry wine. It needs to be brewed for 15-25 days (try not to exceed one month, otherwise it will soak the bitterness of the bayberry core). This is the fifteenth day of the bayberry wine, which has been opened since the beginning of the opening. The bayberry in the wine is a natural treasure for heatstroke prevention and diarrhea.

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