Recipe: Lychee shrimp

Home Cooking Recipe: Lychee shrimp


In June, Litchi began to be listed in large quantities. The lychee tastes smooth and nutritious. It has the effect of promoting blood and tonifying the spleen and relieving diarrhea. In the hot weather, white pebbles like lychee add a bit of appetite. However, lychee should not be eaten more, and more food is easy to get angry. There is a saying that "a lychee three fires" really makes sense. But everything is not absolute. My method is to put the lychee into the dish. As long as it is skillfully matched, it will be able to avoid weaknesses and make dishes that are digestive, stomach-healthy and nutritious. The first is to mix the lychee with seafood and vegetables, because the coldness of the seafood just neutralizes the heat of the lychee. I chose prawns and broccoli. The color and taste of the prawns are similar to those of the lychee. Together with the "spleen" of the two, it is a perfect match. The green color of broccoli greatly increases the look and feel of this dish, not only delicious but also beautiful, which makes people appetite. At the same time, I immerse the lychee meat in the light salt water before cooking, and use salt water to lower the temperature of the lychee. This is also an important step. Finally, use green tea water to collect juice before loading, so that not only will it not cause fire after entering the dish, but it can also disinfect and relieve stagnation and increase appetite.



  1. After the shrimp is removed, the shrimp back is cut and peeled off, the shell is removed, the sand is removed, and the bowl is washed and added with a small amount of cooking wine, salt, and starch.

  2. After the lychee is husked, cut the nucleus in half and soak it in salt water for a while.

  3. Wash the broccoli, pick it into small pieces, add it to the boiling water, add the salt and chicken, then drain the water and make a circle in the dish.

  4. Pour the right amount of oil into the wok, pour the shrimp into the quick-boiled, wait until the shrimp is discolored, then pour it into the lychee and fry a few times. Pour in the tea, and finally add the appropriate amount of salt and chicken, and then fill it with broccoli. In the circle


1. Shrimp is best to use live shrimp. The shrimp body is red and soft, but it is not fresh. It can also be replaced by quick-frozen shrimp in the supermarket, but the taste is not so good, and the curing time should be extended. 2. When you take the sand on the back of the shrimp, you can use the towel to hold the shrimp to prevent the sliding injury; I like to cut the sand with scissors and pull out the sand. 3. I added green tea to this dish this time, because the green tea leaves have the functions of refreshing the heart, clearing away heat, relieving heat, eliminating phlegm, getting tired of losing weight, clearing heart and removing trouble, detoxifying and hangover, thirst, and reducing fire. Let this dish add tea, which is a two-pronged one.

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