Recipe: Love and lunch - slippery chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Love and lunch - slippery chicken



  1. Slice the chicken meat and marinate it with a proper amount of salt, pepper, egg white, and starch.

  2. When we marinate chicken, we can slice mushrooms, peppers and carrots.

  3. Hot water and salt boil, turn the vegetables over and cool, and control the water!

  4. Hot oil, slick chicken. After the chicken pieces are discolored, the onion ginger is finished. A little bit of soy sauce with a little pepper. Add the scented vegetables and add the vegetables. stir fry

  5. Stir fry until the vegetables are broken, add salt and a little pepper to the water starch.

  6. Corn kernels and carrots, chilled, hot, simmered, mixed with Chubby sweet salad dressing

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