Recipe: Lotus seed lily red bean paste

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus seed lily red bean paste


[Lianzi Lily Red Bean Paste] is a must-have dessert on festive banquets, especially at wedding banquets. Because lotus seeds have the meaning of a lifetime, Lily has a hundred years of good meaning, and red beans. Chinese people like to use it on festive days. Red things. Therefore, [Lianzi Lily Red Bean Paste] is definitely a must-have dessert for a festive feast. Now [Lianzi Lily Red Bean Paste] is even used in the New Year's Eve.



  1. Red beans, lotus seeds washed with water, soaked for two hours; lily soaked for half an hour; dried tangerine peel

  2. Boil boiling water, put red beans, dried tangerine peel, lotus seeds and lily into the pot

  3. After boiling, boil for two hours with medium and small heat (to keep it in a small roll), and finally switch to high heat for about half an hour.

  4. Boil until red beans start to sand, add rock sugar, sweetness according to everyone's love

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