Recipe: Lotus root brow bean soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus root brow bean soup



  1. Pig bones fly water, rinse clean foam; eyebrows clean; lotus root peeled and cut

  2. Put all the materials into the inner pot of the purple casserole, add cold water, the total amount of material and water does not exceed 80% of the total capacity of the purple casserole liner.

  3. Choose 'Old Fire Soup', make an appointment for 6 hours, and 煲 3 hours (all choose 3 hours, because the inner pot of the purple casserole is thicker. When I first tried it, I took a pot of water, about 30 minutes. Just boil, then there are so many materials in the pot, it is estimated that it takes 35~40 minutes to boil, then the actual soup time is about 2 hours, the lotus root is to take a long time to be soft and delicious.)

  4. After the soup is good, it will automatically go to the insulation file, and you can drink the delicious old soup immediately after returning home. The lotus roots that have passed through the soup tastes lighter, so we will pick up the lotus roots and add the stir-fried stir-fried sauce. It is a very good dish.


1: Lotus root is a more beneficial ingredient. In the season, you may wish to buy some food to eat. You can cook soup, stew meat, slice and stir-fry, and mash it into meatloaf meatballs; 2: The soup should be placed in the water once, and no water should be added in the middle; 3: Putting a little bit of eyebrows together with them will make the soup better. 4: Put the salt in the soup and season it. Don't put too much other spices.

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