Recipe: Lotus leaf porridge

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus leaf porridge



  1. Today's porridge is still for two people. Take a small stockpot, put in a small half cup of rice, wash in a clean and inject enough water, soak for 30 minutes, then boil the porridge, first boil and turn to low heat and cook slowly.

  2. Always cook until the rice blooms, the porridge becomes very sticky

  3. When the porridge is cooked quickly, you can start to process the lotus leaf, rinse the dry lotus leaf, then simmer it to soft, then cut it into small pieces for use. Fresh lotus leaves, dried lotus leaves, which one can be used, the last time you made a lotus leaf taro meal, there is still a lotus leaf, which is used today to cook porridge.

  4. Prepare a little more and put it in the porridge.

  5. At this time, put the treated lotus leaf and attach it to the porridge noodles. Cook for about 15-20 minutes.

  6. Uncover the lotus leaf, the porridge is also discolored. If you cook for a little while, you can turn off the fire. You can also cook the lotus leaf first, then cook the porridge with boiled lotus leaves. The weather can be hot now, and you can drink ice porridge in the summer.


Fresh lotus leaves, dried lotus leaves can be used, which kind of which to buy, I used the last lotus leaf left in the lotus leaf taro.

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