Recipe: Lotus glutinous rice chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Lotus glutinous rice chicken



  1. Glutinous rice is soaked for 2 hours in advance, and the lotus leaves are soaked for 3 hours in advance

  2. Pour the whole chicken into small pieces, add wine, oyster sauce, soy sauce, salt, ginger and mix well, and put it in the refrigerator for more than 2 hours.

  3. Steamed glutinous rice, sliced ​​mushrooms into small pieces

  4. Put a little oil in the pot, put the chicken into the taste, stir fry, add the mushrooms and stir fry evenly.

  5. Add a little hot water for ten minutes, until the water is dry.

  6. Mix the steamed glutinous rice with the fried chicken nuggets.

  7. Cut 1 dry lotus leaf into 4 pieces and put in glutinous rice chicken

  8. Put the wrapped glutinous rice chicken in the steamer and continue to steam for 20 minutes.


1. There are many practices for this dish. Another method is to marinate the chicken pieces and then enclose them in the lotus leaves with raw glutinous rice. They are steamed directly, but in that case, the glutinous rice is soaked for a longer period of time, at least 4 hours or more. It can be absorbed by water, and the steaming time is longer, about 1 hour. This kind of practice is relatively simple, the seasoning is also relatively easy to master, and the glutinous rice can be used without immersion in advance. You can choose the one you like. This time, because I didn't soak for so long, I used this relatively simple method, and I have to wait for another time to try another method with fresh lotus leaves. 2, this dish can also add salted egg yolk, scallops, etc., tastes better; 3. I put the glutinous rice and chicken pieces together in the lotus leaf. There is also a method of laying the glutinous rice on the lotus leaf, then laying the various materials, and then wrapping the lotus leaves. It’s not bad to pack all kinds of materials into the glutinous rice.

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