Recipe: Longan soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Longan soup


The weather has been wet and cold, and it rains every day since autumn. I have never seen such a day of crying! The home is full of moldy mushrooms, this annoying Mediterranean climate! Perhaps because of the moisture, it makes people feel colder, and when it is cold, it is cold to the bones. I am jealous all day long, and I still have two clear noses from time to time. This cold weather reminds me of the warm old soup. Guangdong is hot and humid, the climate is not healthy, and it is inevitable that long-term residence of heat and moisture will invade, and the old fire soup is actually a recipe for Chinese medicine. People used to drink soup to nourish their body and resist the harsh climate, so the old fire soup is a major feature of Cantonese cuisine. The old fire soup in winter tends to be warm and the summer is relatively light. From small to large, it is a habit to drink bowls of old fire soup before dinner. After the soup is gone, the amount of rice naturally decreases. Therefore, Guangdong's MM is mostly slim and thin, which is not unrelated to long-term soup. Drinking soup, whether from the point of view of health or slimming, is more beneficial than harm. Although there have been occasional calls from experts, it is said that the old fire soup has not been nutritious for a long time, but the MMs who have long-term drinking habits are ruddy and sleek, but the skin is smooth and indisputable. However, the old fire soup is not suitable for everyone, hypertensive patients, gout patients and diabetic patients should be insulated from the old fire soup. The traditional generation of soups was passed down from generation to generation. Later, a bowl of seemingly ordinary old fire soup not only contained the ingredients of health, but also had a strong warmth. Anyone who has seen the Hong Kong drama knows that the mothers in the play always say before the family members go out: remember to come back to drink soup at night. Even if you can't get back at dinner time, you have to wait until you get home and warm up before you drink. If you can't even return home, you can put the soup in the kettle and send it in person. The old soup is the specific expression of love. I grew up in this kind of love soup. No matter what I ate outside, how many nights I went home, my mother always left me a bowl of love soup. Late self-study in high school, most of my classmates settled dinner at school, 9:10 class, every day, there is a hot love soup to welcome us at the dinner table at home, even soup with soup residue poured into the stomach, nutrition Our bodies warm our hearts. Therefore, we grew up in the warmth of the soup, lived alone for a long time, and often missed the mother's "love soup". After working alone, he solved his own food and clothing, and gradually began to learn his own soup. In the era of international students, even if the homework is busy, it will definitely make time for the soup to drink. Especially when the physiological period comes, a bowl of hot soup will be warmed to the toes, and the body and the ability to protect the cold will be enhanced. Before going abroad, I bought a rice cooker for cooking and soup. After lunch at noon, I quickly washed the ingredients and put them in the rice cooker. I don’t need to watch the fire. I will go home after school in the afternoon. Hot soup is waiting for me. Moreover, it is not difficult to master the soup. As long as the materials are selected, the treatment process is not too outrageous, and the results will be different. At that time, a pot of hot soup was good, and each time it was given to a Chinese classmate next door, so that everyone could feel the warmth of the Cantonese-style "love soup". After being with the old cat, the old cat who did not know the goods always ate the soup residue at first, but the soup was dumped. It was really crazy. The most depressing thing is that he thinks that the soup that is thought out is not as good as the miso soup in instant noodles. Later, I seized the French people's psychology of "natural", and often educated him. This is a heart-to-heart. All the tastes are brought out in the ingredients, 100% natural, no other flavors, and instant noodles. The soup bag was not an order. Gradually, he also sipped soup and never poured the soup into the toilet. Nowadays, he is also moisturized by my "love soup" from time to time, but it is almost impossible to change his eating habits and make him like to drink soup like the one who grew up drinking soup. Later, when I cooked the noodle soup, I used this nutritious old fire soup to make the soup base. Not only did the ordinary noodle soup be better, but also the old cat who didn’t drink the soup used to eat it, and the soup was drunk. There is no drop left. Being able to drink a bowl of good soup is the happiest thing for us who are soaking up in the soup. This kind of happiness consists of ordinary, simple and loving, without too much fancy, without spending too much money. If you also like to drink soup, like this way of health, hope to have a smooth and radiant skin, want to melt your love into the soup to bring you love and love you, when you have time, try it, start Your happiness journey!




1. The troubled lazy person can go directly to the sputum and other materials without going to the blood. 2. Add scallops and small fish to make the soup more delicious. Nothing can be left. Adding carrots is to make the soup more sweet. If you have the conditions, you can cut a few pieces of corn and cook together. 3. You can add a piece of lean meat together to make the flavor better.

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