Recipe: Lo mei - chicken feet, duck feet, pig ears, peanuts

Home Cooking Recipe: Lo mei - chicken feet, duck feet, pig ears, peanuts


Summer is over, and the beer is drunk. I especially liked the pig's ear, the chicken's claw, and the duck's paw. It was especially liked by Mr. D. With the peanuts, I came here with such a pot. Delicious!



  1. The chicken feet, duck's paw and pig's ear that were bought back were soaked in water in advance, soaked in water for about 1 hour, and changed water 2-3 times in the middle.

  2. Cut the nails of the chicken feet and duck's paw and clean them carefully. Cut off the thicker part of the ear of the pig's ear. I personally only like to eat crunchy parts. Look at your personal preferences, if you like to eat, you can not cut it.

  3. Surabaya: Put cold water in a large pot, add a little ginger, add chicken feet, duck's paw, pig ears. After simmering, put the faucet repeatedly under the faucet!

  4. Halogen: Take another pot (I used a cool cast iron deep-burning pot) and put in water + ingredients. After the water is boiled, simmer for about 10 minutes and wait until the aroma is full.

  5. Halogen: Put the chicken feet, duck's paw, and pig's ear into the pot. Cook slowly, about 30 minutes, then remove, pour peanuts (fresh peanuts) and cook for 20 minutes. Turn off the fire. Soak, cool and remove.

  6. After the words: (1) After the boiled soup is boiled again, cover the lid with hot water, let it cool and put it in the refrigerator. (2) Don't look at the halogen time is very short, but it is definitely very tasty. Chicken feet, ducks, and pigs are very strong, not hard and soft. (3) The materials used may not be exactly in accordance with my own, and the personal taste may be adjusted appropriately. The halogen time is also adjusted according to preferences. You can use chopsticks to insert and try. (4) When the snacks and beer are super delicious in the summer, the peanuts and celery salad are also super delicious.

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