Recipe: Litchi wine (no wine version)

Home Cooking Recipe: Litchi wine (no wine version)


I want to be a lychee wine for a long time... I remember the winemaker who first knew it was lychee. Blueberries, peaches, oranges and pomegranates have been made in foreign countries, but they are made with Vodka or sake. This returning country happened to catch up with the lychee season, and wanted to try the wine-free brewing. I heard that it would be more sweet, and I made a can after the mother. Please do not hesitate to examine the questions and follow them step by step. There will be no problems. I will not ask any questions that I have suggested in the text.



  1. Home Cooking Recipe: Strip the lychee shell and core, and the kitchen can find a small door to peel the shell.

    Strip the lychee shell and core, and the kitchen can find a small door to peel the shell.

  2. After disinfecting the bottle, gradually put a layer of lychee into a layer of rock sugar. The ratio is about 1:1, which can reduce the amount of sugar in moderation.

  3. No need to put rock sugar on the top layer. Put the seal in a cool place. Remember not to put too much, the fermentation will produce air.

  4. Put a photo of the wine that has been placed at the bottom of the piano for one year)


- Make no alcohol, lychee, rock sugar, no less, rock sugar is the best natural preservative. - Be careful not to get water when peeling the lychee. - It is better to place it for more than half a year. (Use a dark bottle as well or cover it with a black cloth)

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