Recipe: Lime pistachio cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Lime pistachio cake


The square in the bookstore seems to be too good to take a sneak shot, and can make 4 pieces of circular tins (diskwich tins). The picture is from woman and home. I am too embarrassed to upload it...



  1. Preparation: butter at room temperature softening, lime juice, chopped nuts, chopped eggs, evenly beaten, preheated 175 degrees in the oven.

  2. Cake making: Sift the spontaneous powder, add the white sugar butter and stir until coarse powder;

  3. Add egg and yoghurt, stir until smooth batter (about 1 minute for egg beater), and finally add chopped pistachio nuts and mix well;

  4. Pour the batter into the mold, smooth it slightly, place it in the middle of the oven, and bake for 1 hour. During the observation, you can cover the tin foil to prevent the color from being too dark.

  5. Prepare the lime syrup during the baking of the cake: add the water to the lime juice and add sugar to dissolve. Add a spoonful of honey to add flavor.

  6. After the cake is baked, the mold is released, and when the cake is warm, the syrup is brushed on the surface of the cake, and then the cool is released.

  7. Make the Caska sauce when the cake is cooled: mix the eggs, add sugar, lime juice and butter, put in a non-stick pan and heat until the mixture is thick until it is viscous; immediately after cooking, leave the fire and pour into the bowl. Let it cool. Note that the temperature must not be too high, or it will become scrambled eggs...

  8. Finally, the cream is sent, a layer of cake, a layer of Caesar sauce + cream, and finally the cream is all smeared on the cake, and then sprinkle with the nuts to decorate ~

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