Recipe: Light burden yogurt cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Light burden yogurt cake


This is not light cheese, it is a yogurt cake with a light cheese version. However, since the cream cheese is replaced by yoghurt, the sugar is also used as appropriate, which is basically a light-duty light cheese version :) This cake was learned in the Betty Forum when it was first introduced. I failed twice in the beginning, and the third time I finally thought about success. Due to the light taste and simple production, it has always been my heart cake. Sometimes I will change the formula on the basis of the basic formula. Adding cocoa powder can make a chocolate-flavored yogurt cake, and adding matcha powder (which I personally think is more suitable for this cake) is a very Japanese-style light dessert. :) The square is a 7-inch quantity and can be used to make two conventional elliptical cheese molds. PS: Because a person brings a baby, so the time to reply to the message is not enough, I will try my best to edit the tips according to the message, thank you for your understanding. Please take a look at the tips before you can improve the success rate.



  1. After the butter is melted in water, mix it with the original yogurt and mix it with the manual egg.

  2. Separate the egg yolk and egg white, add one egg yolk to the (1) and mix with the manual egg. Mix well and add one.

  3. Into the powder in (2), stir with a manual egg

  4. Add a little white vinegar to the protein, use a electric eggbeater to make a coarse bubble, add sugar three times, and beat the egg white to wet foaming (that is, white and delicate, not flowing, lifting the egg tip protein drooping state)

  5. Add (4) to (3) in three portions and mix well. Mix once every time (using the cutting method)

  6. Pour into the mold

  7. Preheating the oven, after the preheating is completed, the bottom layer is filled with hot water in a baking tray, the second layer is placed on the baking net, the inner mold pad is baked (recommended to use non-stick mold, no pad paper is used), and the outer part is wrapped with tin foil. (The bottom mold does not need to be packaged), placed on the baking net 165 degrees, water bath for 60 minutes

  8. After the baking is completed, the mold is released, and after cooling, it is cut into pieces (I put it in the refrigerator and refrigerate overnight)


1. Be sure to make a water bath. If the water vapor is not enough, it will crack easily. 2. The protein must not be sent too hard, and the bird's beak that is slightly drooping around eight points is the best state. Hard foaming is sure to crack. However, if the degree of hitting is not enough, it will collapse when it comes out. Therefore, if the protein is basically not flowing, it is necessary to pay attention to changing to a low speed and do not overdo it. 3. Try to release the mold with a non-stick mold. I used the rabbit's golden non-stick cheese mold, and after releasing it, I demolished it with a button, which is very easy to use! If it is not a non-stick mold, be sure to pad the paper. 4. The temperature should not be too high. If the internal space of the small oven is small, the temperature can be appropriately lowered to increase the baking time, which needs to be combined with the oven of the house. You can master it a few more times.

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