Recipe: Lentil noodles

Home Cooking Recipe: Lentil noodles


After returning to HZ, I have never eaten the noodles that I have come to, and I can only do it myself.



  1. Fat meat under the pot oyster sauce; at the same time steamed noodles

  2. After the onion ginger and musk

  3. Pork belly fried until seven minutes

  4. Stir in lentils until five minutes

  5. Put the soy sauce until it is cooked

  6. Put the steamed noodles on the lentils and add the water to the lentils.

  7. The tomatoes are hot and cut into small pieces.

  8. Place the tomatoes on the noodles, add the clams to the soup and basically dry them.

  9. Mix well before panping


This dish has a staple food function. It can be used as a big pot. It can be eaten slowly in the refrigerator. The head is back to the dumplings, the second pot noodles, and the taste is better after returning to the pot. It is a bit of Chinese pasta. Lentils are known as long kidney beans in the south, and can also be replaced with eggplant. Pork belly can be replaced with bacon.

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