Recipe: Lemongrass fried chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Lemongrass fried chicken


Lemongrass is a kind of thatch that grows in the subtropics. It has a natural lemon-like aroma and can be seen everywhere in the wild. Later, it was discovered that this scent has the effect of stomach ventilation and refreshing, and is widely used in aromatherapy to make essential oils or fragrances. In many areas of Guangxi, especially in mountainous areas where ethnic minorities live, citronella is a cooking ingredient used as a seasoning for flavouring and flavoring in the cooking of meat. It is said to have stomach ventilation and awakening. Efficacy. I spent 3 yuan, bought a lot of lemongrass, and ran home like a treasure. When the lemongrass is fried in the pan, it is really aromatic. It is really sweating and enjoying. I don’t know if this is the legendary aroma effect?



  1. Wash the chicken with salt, add salt, cooking wine, ginger and so on for half an hour.

  2. Lemongrass peeled off the skin, take the middle of the grass core, slap flat with a knife, cut into sections

  3. Put the bottom oil in the pan, marinate the chicken nuggets, stir fry quickly

  4. When frying a little bit of brown, add the lemongrass to the pan and stir fry.

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