Recipe: Lemon, White Pepper, Salt, Five Flowers ~ Camping

Home Cooking Recipe: Lemon, White Pepper, Salt, Five Flowers ~ Camping


The lemon neutralizes the greasy feel of the pork belly, with the spicy smell of freshly ground white pepper, removes the original astringency of the pork, and adds a touch of mint lemon. It tastes delicious and refreshed. The cooking is simple and suitable for serving as a side dish.



  1. The pig's five flowers are cut into pieces; the lemon is washed and cut into half spare.

  2. Cut the pork belly into small pieces and add the small bowl to the freshly ground white pepper, black pepper and rose salt in the small mill.

  3. Add a little sesame oil and mix well; add mint leaves, add a little lemon juice, and marinate for about 3-4 hours.

  4. Do not put oil in the hot pot, directly fry the marinated five fleshy flowers in a small fire, fry until the browning can be turned over, fry until both sides are browned.


1. Cut the pork belly into small pieces, don't cut too thick to avoid longer taste. 2. Mint leaves are used for lifting the dish, if not, it can be omitted.

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