Recipe: Lemon Madeleine Cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Lemon Madeleine Cake



  1. All the materials in material A are placed in the pot to thicken and whitish

  2. The protein in material B is added to the fine sugar three times to wet foaming.

  3. First take half of the protein and mix it in the egg yolk paste.

  4. Material C was mixed and sieved halfway. Repeat step 3 again

  5. After mixing thoroughly, move in the melted butter

  6. After mixing the batter, put it in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

  7. The mold sweeps the oil and spreads the powder, then knocks off the excess powder, so that a thin layer of powder sticks to the mold.

  8. After the batter is taken out, the ribbon is loaded. Squeeze into the mold and then organize the shape

  9. Preheat the oven for about 10-15 minutes. Take out the mold release, let cool


1) The book says that when the first step is to beat the egg yolk paste, put a hot water pot underneath to 43 degrees, so that the effect is good. 2) The cake is characterized by adding 1/2 protein to the egg yolk paste, then sifting into 1/2 powder, adding 1/2 protein, then sifting 1/2 powder, and finally mixing well. 3) After the butter has melted, wait until it is not hot, and then put it into the paste that was prepared before. 4) It will be harder after refrigerating, and it will be fine for a while at room temperature. 5) Use a paste bag, use a spoon and other tools, you can get used to it. 6) I will give you time, just according to my oven, the book still says 6-7 minutes! Therefore, when you are baking, you should adjust the 根据 according to your own oven. 7) My Madelin mold is small and can't be baked too much. The amount I used is that all the above formulas are halved and 7 are made.

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