Recipe: Leek, vinegar, green bean sprouts

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek, vinegar, green bean sprouts


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  1. Wash the green bean sprouts and remove them on both sides for use. I have a picture in my picture because it is too late, and there are so many things that I need to get dinner in half an hour.

  2. Heat the pan, put the oil, and add the pepper when you see the oil.

  3. After the pepper is fried and scented, turn off the small fire. If you are not afraid of splashing oil, remove the pepper, but I am still afraid of the oil pan. (Before being hotted by hot oil has not recovered yet)

  4. When the oil is warm, add the ginger flakes, then the green bean sprouts, add salt, and quickly stir fry until the soup.

  5. The vinegar is ready to be placed on hand and poured into the pot with a spoon.

  6. Turn off the fire and put the vegetable powder to taste.


Be sure to hand fast, from the pot to the pot is just 2, 3 minutes. The vinegar on the side of the pot is very important, otherwise the bean sprouts will turn black.

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