Recipe: Leek fried mussels

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek fried mussels


Recently, I was fascinated by seafood. I was so fascinated that even if I was busy until midnight, I would go to Wanshou Road to eat a large plate of spicy sea cucumber seeds and two charcoal grilled oysters. I felt that my heart was steady, my stomach was steady, and I slept soundly. But those who can't eat for a long time, get angry, allergic, will produce complex reactions in the human body. So, change to the most common but most nutritious mussels at the most affordable price. The most sublime evaluation of mussels on medical books is that “cooking cooked food can make up the five internal organs, and there is no fear”. Ok, what else do you care about?



  1. Mussels (dry) 60g, soak in boiling water for more than 1 hour, until the hair, use kitchen scissors to remove impurities

  2. Amaranth about 240g, after cleaning, control water cut

  3. Heat the oil in a pot, pour in the light dish and stir fry for 10 seconds, then cook the cooking wine to the fragrant, then pour in the appropriate amount of Haitian special grade fresh soy sauce.

  4. Pour in the leeks, stir fry for 15 seconds, transfer to the salt, turn off the flame and continue to stir for 10 seconds.


1. When using mussels, you must use boiling water. If you use it urgently, you can cover it with water. 2. Amaranth can't be cooked for too long, so as not to affect the taste. 3. Transfer a little bit of homemade pepper sauce, add some spicy flavor, unique.

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