Recipe: Leek box

Home Cooking Recipe: Leek box



  1. Flour + boiling water, slowly knead into a smooth dough, cover the wet towel for 20 minutes. (I used plastic wrap)

  2. Pick the leek and wash it; the shrimp are peeled and go to the tail to remove the mud line.

  3. Add water to the egg, add salt, and mix well

  4. Fry the eggs and chop them into small pieces

  5. Leek cut, shrimp cut into small pieces

  6. Add eggs, leeks, shrimps and sesame oil, peanut oil, soy sauce, salt, chicken powder, add a little water, stir well

  7. Wake up the dough and smash a hole in the middle

  8. Sprinkle the flour, break the face in 7

  9. Cut into equal size agents

  10. Sprinkle the dough and press the agent into a round cake

  11. Rounded into a round skin

  12. Put the good stuffing in the center of the skin

  13. Fold in half, glue the position in the middle of the skin together

  14. Then stick all the doughs of the semi-circular opposite sides one by one, pinch

  15. Put oil in the pot, light fire, fry until the surface is golden


1. When using the boiling water, you can make the dough soft. 2, add water when scrambled eggs, and then use chopsticks to break up when frying, it is easy to fry small particles of eggs. 3, add a little water inside the filling, you can make the finished product taste like soup, the filling will not be too dry. 4, must be slowly fried on a small fire, in case the outside is fried, the lining is not cooked.

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