Recipe: Lean meatballs

Home Cooking Recipe: Lean meatballs


The recipes found in the kitchen were made of lean meatballs. After many experiments, I tried a formula that suits me.



  1. The pork leg of the bought pig is smashed, and it is convenient to buy the minced in the supermarket.

  2. Add egg white, chicken, salt, baking powder, tapioca flour. Knock on the blackboard! (It's best to use tapioca flour, otherwise sweet potato starch is also good! Other starches other than tapioca flour are not chewy! This is the key!) Stir these materials clockwise and grab the meatballs by hand and beat them.

  3. After boiled in boiling water, put the meat sauce into the pot with a spoon, and look at the size you like. After the meatballs come up, they can be cooked in half a minute, and finally add flavoring according to their preference.

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