Recipe: Lazy version - rice cooker rice

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy version - rice cooker rice


I am a happy child in the micro-fat world. Every time I make up my mind to lose weight, I have a little resistance to this kind of meal, and I have a little resistance to the happiness. Every time I feel good, I eat a little bit. Full, every time I cook, I want to take a photo. The rogue is lazy every time, and I don’t want to take pictures with my camera. So the photo of the phone that came out can only be like this, it seems to be half-blurred, but ~ pro You have to believe that the real thing is really better than the photo taken by me. Do not believe you try ~ hahaha



  1. Green beans and rice are put into the soy sauce for five minutes, poured into the rice cooker. The amount of water is the same as usual. Put a small amount of salt and chicken essence and mix well. Add the sausage, add a small amount of sesame oil, and open it! The soy sauce was put a third time, so the color was slightly deeper than the second time. The third time I changed another rice, and the rice was more delicious and delicious. After the rice is cooked, take a few more minutes and there will be a pot. Don't worry, it won't stick to the pot because there is oil on the bottom of the pot.

  2. PS, the amount of soy sauce and soy sauce is based on personal taste, I believe that there are more like my classmates who like soy sauce. Hahaha


Pro ~ You can try to put other materials, such as soybeans, my first version is the soy, but the individual prefers green beans and has the second three versions.  Pro~ Is this a lazy law? Is it super lazy? Is it convenient to have wood? Is there a super simple wood? A compulsory course for getting started with the rice cooker lazy method. Dear, do it!    Dear~ This cup of rice is usually for two people. I am even more lazy. I go home halfway at night, and the other half take the meal to work the next day. It’s lazy and healthier, it’s better than a takeaway. There are woods in health. Hahaha~   I have to appeal, I just found out that the two pictures I merged can't show the whole, oh~ well, I just barely got a picture, but the wood is so attractive. 55555

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