Recipe: Lazy version of black pepper chicken

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy version of black pepper chicken


This dish is simple, super easy to make and very tasty. It is most suitable for a children's shoes that are eating and afraid of being too motivated. This lazy version is lazy in chickens without pickling in advance.



  1. Remove the chicken legs and let the chicken legs spread out. You can cut a few knives on the ribs or thicker parts of the meat, but do not cut them. This will avoid shrinking when you fry.

  2. Apply a proper amount of salt to both sides of the chicken leg and apply a layer of oyster sauce.

  3. Put a layer of black pepper on each side of the chicken leg. If you are not afraid of spicy, you can put more of it. If the black pepper tastes enough, it will be delicious.

  4. Dip a little bit of oil in the center of the pan, then place the side with the chicken skin down in the pan, open the fire, and simmer for ten minutes. The drip of oil does not need to be much, because the chicken skin itself will provide enough oil.

  5. Turn over and fry for eight minutes.

  6. On the pot.


If you feel that you are not enough to fry, or if you like to burn more severely, you can turn the fire up a bit and fry one more time on each side. When you fry, you don't have to keep it by the fireside. You can do other things generously. Because it is a small fire, the chicken skin will continue to secrete oil and it is not easy to focus.

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