Recipe: Lazy series

Home Cooking Recipe: Lazy series


Super for lazy! Because I am a senior house girl, sometimes lazy and no one cooks! Just throw it in the water and cook it! The key is that simple seasoning is actually very good! ! Look at other Rory bars!



  1. The water is opened and thrown to cook. During the period, you can brush the microblogging and watch the kitchen, TV or clothes.

  2. Try the soft and hard noodles in your favorite range, pick up

  3. Add sesame oil and add oyster sauce and soy sauce. Try it~

  4. Began to eat!


1: This kind of supermarket can sell, and there are shrimp noodles. The shrimp noodles and the scallops are more fragrant than the noodles, so the first two are selected. This kind of noodles is called the bamboo rise in Guangdong. Alkaline water surface, the surface is fine and refreshing, I have eaten this kind of surface similar to the outside, but the taste is not the same, so it is very important to buy the opposite! 2: This kind of surface is too soft and not good, time to grasp it yourself 3: You can sprinkle some seaweed to eat better...

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