Recipe: Laver radish cake

Home Cooking Recipe: Laver radish cake


Radish cake ~ occupies a very important position in "Guangdong Dim Sum" ~ Today is the production of "Guangxie radish cake" ~ because of the addition of "sausage, sausage and other flavors" so it is also known as "flavored radish cake" ~ The radish cake made according to this side is moderately soft and soft, and the aroma of bacon and white radish is very good~ a friend who likes it may wish to try~



  1. Sausage, moisturizing the intestines, steamed after roasting, and then cut into small pieces after cooling. The white radish is peeled and shaved with a planer or rubbed into pieces. Shrimp, soaked in cold water for 15 minutes, slightly softened and chopped.

  2. Take a pot, add 150g of sticky rice flour, 50g of clear noodles, 5g of salt, 10g of sugar, and appropriate amount of pepper. Mix these raw materials and seasoning with 350g of water to avoid any precipitation. Then add the shrimp and rice, the sausage and intestines in the slurry, stir evenly.

  3. Take a suitable mold, I use a lunch box. Evenly apply a layer of salad oil in the container to prevent sticking.

  4. Add 60g of salad oil to the wok and heat it. Add 400g of radish and stir fry, add the remaining 100g of water and boil. Pour into the slurry together with the radish ribbon water and mix well with chopsticks. At this time, the slurry will be thickened after being boiled with radish and water. Pour the thick slurry into the mold and steam for 1 hour. After the time is taken out, it is naturally cooled, and the refrigerator is placed overnight. The next day, the wall of the carrot cake and the mold are connected with a knife, and then the buckle can be demolded. Sauté after slicing!


The steamed radish cake can be stored in a refrigerator for about 3 days. Heat when you eat, steam or fry, stir fry.

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