Recipe: latte

Home Cooking Recipe: latte


Latte, latte, LATTE, the meaning of fresh milk in Italian. As the name suggests, latte is milk coffee. The ratio is: one-third of espresso plus two-thirds of hot milk. Just buy an electric big bubbler from Taobao (35 yuan up and down), you can make your own milk foam at home.



  1. The coffee is washed with water and poured into a coffee pot.

  2. Put the milk in the milk pan and bring it to a boil and pour it into a taller cup.

  3. Put the big foamer in the hot milk, turn on the switch, and start the milk foam. Lasted about 1 minute and a half

  4. Pour the coffee into the coffee cup, then pour it into the milk foam and get it!


I use whole milk, so the milk foam will be thicker and the taste will be good. If you use low-fat milk, the taste will be worse.

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