Recipe: Lard mix

Home Cooking Recipe: Lard mix


Forgive mobile phone slag pixels Now I moved out and lived without a SLR. I just took a mobile phone and patted it. Ok, let's get down to business, what is the favorite of Changsha sisters! Yes, you can't eat meat for a day, you can't take it for a day (hey, when you eat rice noodles, you will make a sizzle, and then you will gradually replace the powder. In the morning, I often hear from my classmates and colleagues saying, oh, don’t you go bowl?) In Hunan, eating powder is a big deal, and every region has a practice in every region. The powders of Xiangxi and Huaihua are particularly good; Changde rice noodles in Hunan like Shaxian snacks have become chain stores in the country; Shaoyang rice noodles have more oil and taste; Hengyang halogen powder has eaten a bowl and wants to come back again. However, as a regular murder, I still like to eat Changsha rice noodles. Changsha's rice noodles also have a lot of attention, light, free, with a line, the code is also divided into speculation, cover code... The older generation of Changsha people like to order a bowl of dry powder without soup. After eating, they must add soup to the boss, pour some vinegar, drink a few mouthfuls, don’t worry, go for a cup of tea, and a few neighbors can sit and talk. morning.



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  4. Drain the water slightly, put in a bowl, and mix well. Just eat it! ! !


I like to eat flat powder, flat powder is best to eat! ! ! ! ! !

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