Recipe: Laoganma minced white jade mushroom

Home Cooking Recipe: Laoganma minced white jade mushroom



  1. The white jade mushroom is bought and washed, and the root is cut; the minced meat is directly twisted by the supermarket, so it is good to come back and simply handle it. If you like yourself, it is OK~

  2. Put a little oil in the pot, add a spoonful of Laoganma first stir fry, pour in the minced meat and stir fry

  3. Pour the white jade mushroom, stir it and cover the lid for 2 minutes. At this time, because the water content of the white jade mushroom is more, the moisture in the pot will increase accordingly.

  4. Open the lid, start seasoning, add sugar to your personal preference, salt and soy sauce [not much need]

  5. Stir well and juice


Simple fast food 呐~

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