Recipe: Laoganma bursting waist film

Home Cooking Recipe: Laoganma bursting waist film


Laoganma bursts the waist, but the first on the kitchen website! Hey! I have eaten it at a Hunan restaurant. After I came back, I tried it myself. The taste is not bad. The characteristics are fresh and tender, the taste is spicy and mellow, and the smoothness is not greasy! In fact, it is very simple to do, don't feel that the internal organs are not good, hehe!



  1. The waist is cut into two, go to the waist and slice. Add cooking wine, sugar 3g, starch, sizing

  2. Coriander cut long, onion ginger garlic chopped

  3. Hot pot, put oil, sauté the onion ginger and minced garlic, add half of the old dry mom sauce, stir fry the red oil

  4. Pour into the waist, stir fry until the color turns white, then cook the wine soy sauce, add a little water, add the remaining Laoganma sauce and sugar 7g, stir fry for one minute.

  5. Add the parsley, stir fry for 1~2 minutes, add salt according to the taste, and serve the pan.


When you buy your waist, you can ask the dealer to help, but be sure to pay attention to the waist. After slicing the kidney, you can soak it in rice water for a while, or remove the astringency. Cooking wine can also be replaced by high-alcohol.

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