Recipe: Lanzhou bad meat

Home Cooking Recipe: Lanzhou bad meat


The dish of bad meat, like beef noodles, is also a complex of Lanzhou people. Beef noodles can be a daily breakfast, and bad meat is a main dish that can't be less. Simply put, this is a steamed bowl made of fermented bean curd with meat, especially the rich flavor of the bean curd. This is my favorite dish. My grandmother will steam a lot of bowls for me every year. Nowadays, I am really missing this special taste. I finally tried all the materials and tried it. I didn’t expect it to be a very simple dish. Friends who miss this taste or curious about this taste can try it for themselves.



  1. Put a pot of water, put into the star anise, cinnamon, pepper, onion, ginger, and then add a little cooking wine, boil and put in the washed pork. Cook for about 10 minutes.

  2. The soup of boiled meat is kept for later use. Another pot of water is dripped into a pot, and the pork belly is placed in the pan with the end of the skin facing down. The purpose is to make the skin of the pork belly golden and become better.

  3. After frying, let the meat cool. During this period, the bean curd can be prepared. Take some red bean curd and bean curd, pour a little bit of soy sauce, a little bit of sugar (if you use South milk, the bean curd is sweet, you don't need sugar), stir evenly.

  4. Cut the air-cooled meat into thin slices, preferably long strips, so pay attention to the direction of the meat. Stir the sliced ​​meat and the bean curd to ensure that each piece of meat is filled with enough bean curd.

  5. Take a plate or a large, thin-bottomed bowl with the skin side facing down and neatly placed in a plate or bowl. Finally, put onion or onion, ginger, pepper, Chaotian pepper, the star anise in the pork soup, cinnamon, and then the broth without the good meat.

  6. Steam for 40-60 minutes and serve. If you don't eat it immediately, you can put it in the refrigerator after it has been cooled, and then take it out when you eat it.


1. The choice of fermented bean curd is the key. My grandmother told me that I must use red fermented bean curd, which has more juice and is easy to color. Someone on the Internet pointed out that the delicious Lanzhou bad meat must use the fermented bean curd in Tianshui, Gansu... as a small basin friend floating in the Netherlands, only found a can of Shanghai Nannan, a pot of Laoganma red oil fermented bean curd The former is sweet, the latter is spicy and salty, so the two are mixed in a ratio of 3:1, because the sweetness of the South milk is not sugared. It is okay for my mother to talk about Wang Zhihe's red bean curd. Try to find a way to buy more sour milk. 2. The salty taste of the bean curd itself is more than enough. Some people may say why salt and soy sauce are added to the bean curd. The soy sauce is added to make salt. If you add salt, sometimes you may taste salty. But imagine that you still have so much meat to season, so if it's not particularly salty fermented milk, it's best to add some salt. 3. When you put the fermented bean curd on the pork belly strip, don't scratch the door. Add a little more flavor to the rich. It is best to put it in the bowl after handling, so that the steamed taste is more uniform. 4. After the steaming, there may be a lot of oil. Don't be surprised that this is normal. It should be that the oil in the meat is steamed out. It is really a little greasy, but the smell is so strong, and occasionally it is oily. Let's have a little oil. 5. Try to steam for a little longer, steaming time is too short, the pork belly may be a bit hard to eat. In fact, it only takes a long time. After steaming, you can do it and leave it there.

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