Recipe: Lamb radish soup

Home Cooking Recipe: Lamb radish soup



  1. Cut the lamb chops and wash them.

  2. Add water to the soup pot, add an aniseed, two pieces of ginger, and boil the sheep into the pot to fly water.

  3. After the water is swallowed, the lamb chops are washed again. Take the pressure cooker, fill the water, add the lamb chops, and change to a small fire after the fire is boiled. Cook for one hour.

  4. Peel the white radish, slice it, into the soup pot, inject the lamb chops cooked in the pressure cooker with the soup, add a piece of green onion, turn the fire on the fire and cook for about half an hour until the radish is soft and rotten, season with salt.


Because it is for the children to eat, so try to boil the meat as much as possible, then cook it in a pressure cooker before entering the soup pot. Without this step before, the child bite is more laborious. It is very important to choose lamb. Good lamb has no obvious astringency. On the contrary, it has a strong aroma of sheep fat.

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